Flies are closely associated with man and domestic dwellings. Flies are active in daylight in artificial light. They are passive at night. They gather around feeding and breeding sources. Adult flies are small to medium-sized, two-winged insects. They are usually dull-coloured.

Flies are unhealthy to us as they transmits diseases such as,

  • Food poisoning (Chlorera, Typhoid, Salmonellosis, etc.)
  • Eye diseases (Trachoma)
  • Skin diseases (Yaws)

The common fly species in Singapore are,

  • Housefly
  • Blue-bottle fly
  • Fruit fly
  • Sewage fly
  • Flesh fly



There are 4 methods on Fly control

  1. Environmental Control
  2. Biological Control
  3. Chemical Control
  4. Non Chemical Control

1) Environmental Control

  • Regular removal of Garbage
  • Regular removal of animal excrement
  • Regular removal of waste water
  • Mechanical proofing

2) Biological Control

This involves the use of pathogens parasites and predators to kill the fly eggs, larvae, pupae or adults. eg mites, wasps.

3) Chemical Control

Pesticides such as Residual spray, baiting, misting and fumigation.

4) Non Chemical Control

Non chemical control such as trapping, non chemical repellent, UV light trap



At PestGo management Pte Ltd, our pest experts are fully trained, licensed professionals with knowledge of the habits and life cycle of Flies. Effective training enable us to treat and get rid of Flies as effective as possible.

Our licensed professional pest management operator will search and survey around entire premise for fly breeding ground.Once survey complete our licensed professional pest management operator will design and appropriate treatment program to eliminate flies. Such as residual spray, misting, aerosol spray and fumigation and installation of UV light trap.